Viennese Hot Chocolate- Austria

Viennese Hot Chocolate- Austria

The speaking of the English is becoming difficult. Too high levels of the deliciousness. Brain shut down. Grammar gone away. Too much of chocolatey wonderfulness. Want to move to Austria.


That was me a few hours ago when I foolishly thought I could drink the chocolate and write the recipe at the same time. Since then, I’ve drank about three cups of the stuff, taken a long nap, and eventually recovered my control of the English language. On a trip to Madrid a little while back, I had Spanish hot chocolate. An impossibly thick, dark, creamy concoction served with churros. I didn’t think hot chocolate could get any better than that. But then… But then I discovered Austrian hot chocolate. It’s like a mix of regular hot chocolate, pudding, and brownie batter. Not for the fainthearted! But if you have the guts, try this soon. You’ll be a better person for it. Promise.




¾ cup half-and-half

½ cup heavy cream (plus more for whipped cream)

¾ 3 oz bar of dark chocolate

2 oz semi-sweet chocolate chips

1 egg yolk

1 teaspoon vanilla (not shown)


Start by slicing the chocolate, this will make it easier to melt.



Make sure you do this with both the chocolate chips and the bar, you don’t want lumpy chocolate. Blech.



Put it in the pot,




and pour in half the half and half (say that 10 times fast),


turn the stove on medium (any higher than that, and the milk would curdle. Stir it slowly, the chocolate will melt bit by bit.


Add in the rest of the half and half, and reduce the heat a little bit. Next, separate the egg and throw in the yolk,


now would be a peachy time to use a whisk! I love whisking things. It’s quite therapeutic. Once the yolk is fully incorporated, pour in the heavy cream bit by bit, stirring after every addition.


This is a gradual process, sort of like risotto!


Yes.Much yes. Grammar going away with pictures. So good. Yay. Serve it in pretty cups! Well, you can serve it in any old cup. The chocolate will make it look pretty! (Psst- whipped cream is a must with this! It’s adorable in a sugar bowl.)




Here’s the printable recipe, with ingredients and instructions: Austria

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