Vegetable Broth

The base. The OG. The backbone. The broth. Making chicken broth is easy enough- boil some bird bones. But veggie broth? Veggie broth is as easy or complicated as you make it, and it is so, so, so much better than the stuff you get in the store. I like to make this in bulk, and then freeze it. No I don’t. That’s a total lie. Firstly, I don’t plan ahead like that. Secondly, even if I did, I like to make it different for everything I use it for. If I’m making pho, I’ll add some lemongrass. If I’m making French Onion Soup, I’ll add a parmesan rind so I don’t miss the umami you get from beef broth. If I’m making risotto with it, I’ll add some oregano. You get the point! And thirdly, I don’t have that kind of space to spare in my freezer. It’s  a confusing, packed-to-the-gills jumble filled with at least 20 boxes of gelato that my dad bought once (not that I’m complaining. Caramel cookie crunch has been a good friend to me in times of need), frozen pizza, and too many bags of peas to count. You think I can fit an entire stockpot’s worth of broth in there?




Anything you want, really! Use whatever veggie odds and ends you have lying around. I had 2 carrots, a head of garlic, 2 cups of kale, a potato, and some green beans


10 cups of water

Some seasoning- I used 2 tablespoons of onion powder, 1 tablespoon of dried parsley because the sun has killed my herb garden, and a pinch of cayenne.


Start by peeling all your vegetables. It can be a lot of fun to make broth when you’re bored. I personally haven’t been bored since 2007! I remember it well- I was still a tiny goblin, and I was sitting in the dining room for some reason. My mom came in and asked what I was doing, and I made the mistake of telling her I was bored. Now, you can try to tell me that Usain Bolt is the fastest person alive, but I KNOW that no one moves faster than a mother when she hears her kid is bored. With lightning speed, she will find you something to clean. Since that day, when I spent all afternoon scrubbing the cabinets, I’ve always taken it upon myself to avoid boredom at all costs. This may have resulted in me sledding down the basement stairs occasionally. Avoid cleaning- make broth!

Once your vegetables are peeled, the next logical step is to chop em up.

Then throw them in a pot- I realized as I was writing this recipe that I REALLY should have used a stockpot, but I was really excited to crack my Dutch ovens out again. They’ve been languishing in the basement all summer while my food processor and I bonded over salsa.

Now season it- I like this shot! Maybe I’ll send it to National Geographic- the infant stage in the life cycle of vegetable broth. As I read that back to myself, I suddenly realize why I have no friends. Geez.

Now pour in the water, and mix it up. Throw in half a lemon, for the heck of it! Oh, and some salt would be helpful.

Bring it to a boil, then cover it and let it simmer for anywhere from 2-8 hours. You may need to add some more water, depending on how much it evaporates. It might seem useless to keep adding more water, but you want to get all the flavor and nutrients out of the veggies! You can now freeze this, if you have the space, use it to make soup, or add some noodles and eat it like this!

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