Truffle Hot Chocolate

Truffle Hot Chocolate

Oh, this was good. This was really good. Really, really good. You get my drift. I thought that little cups of hot chocolate would be the perfect way to end Christmas tea- I wanted shot glasses, originally, but none of our shot glasses can have hot liquid in them. Wimps. It still looked cute in little teacups, though! One day I’ll have hot chocolate shots. One day.




2 cups truffles

1 ½ cups skim milk

¼ cup heavy cream

1 teaspoon vanilla


Start by scalding the milk in a pot- heating it to the brink of boiling, but not boiling, because boiled milk is nasty. I hate the smell.

Now slice up the truffles, and drop them in. Stir them around and let them melt.The heavy cream is optional, but recommended- it’ll make for a really smooth, rich, creamy hot chocolate. I love making things smooth, rich, and creamy.

Splash in the vanilla- my sister would like to put it on the record that she thinks there should only be ½ teaspoon vanilla. I’m a vanilla fiend, so I say there should be 1 teaspoon. I’m also the blogger here, so I say how much vanilla there should be! Power goes to my head very quickly.

Serving the chocolate in a teapot with teacups is an adorable presentation-

and of course, topping it with tons of whipped cream is a must.

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