Truffle Garlic Green Beans


This is the first of my Thanksgiving recipes! This may well be the most exciting thing that has ever happened to me. And these beans, folks. These beans. These BEANS. Well, truth be told, the beans aren’t the star of the show. It’s really the sauce that makes this dish. The buttery, garlicky, truffle-y, mouthwatering, delectable sauce.




1 pound green beans

4 tablespoons butter

2 ½ tablespoons truffle oil

¼ cup extra virgin oil olive

½ tablespoon truffled salt (optional, if you don’t have any just use coarsely ground salt)

1 head garlic


First things first. Peel a head of garlic. This is what will make the beans great, so don’t skimp! It’s the holidays, there’s no better time to be generous. Especially with garlic.

Now, grab a blender or food processor (I’m awfully attached to my food processor and not too fond of my blender. It’s a long drama worthy of Shakespeare. Not really, I just don’t like the shape of the blender.),

and toss the garlic in. I love garlic. It’s so good for you, and makes everything delicious. You should love it too! Love trumps hate.


Next, pour in the truffle oil. I have some very mixed feelings about truffle oil. It’s strong, but subtle. You need a lot of it to make it known, but it can overpower really darn quickly.

ext, throw in the olive oil and salt,

put the lid on, and pulse it til it’s a wonderful golden mishmash of garlickyness and love and magic. Now leave it for a few minutes to let the flavors meld. These things take time. It’ll be okay.

Meanwhile, trim the ends off the beans.

Now, grab a heavy skillet

and throw in the butter.

Turn the heat on high so it melts quickly, and when it’s mostly melted and sizzly,

pour in the garlic-oil mix. Stir it up, and take a deep whiff. This is what dreams are made of. Oh, and do yourself a favor and dip some bread in it. I had sourdough, which was great!

Now throw in the beans, turn the heat down a tad, and let it cook 3-4 minutes.

If you want to dip in some more bread, I’m the last person who’ll judge you. Once the beans get completely soft,

remove them to a plate. This will make a wonderful addition to your table!

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