Truffle Fries

In essence, what is a truffle fry? We all understand the concept of a truffle fry- some fashion of fried potato flavored with truffles. There are, however, several differing interpretations on what defines a true truffle fry. This is not to undermine the classic, aforementioned definition, or to snatch away the individuality of the different schools of truffle fries. Now see, this is what happens when a food blogger takes 4 AP exams and has a tube of truffle paste.




3 russet potatoes

1 tablespoon truffle paste


Really. That’s all. Technically, I didn’t even need an ingredient shot.

Peel the potatoes, 

Peel the potatoes, and slice them up.

This next step is optional, but highly, highly recommended- soak the fries in ice water for about 2 hours before cooking them. It’ll soak the starch out of them, and you’ll get much crispier fries. I didn’t soak them, because I decided at the last minute that I needed truffle fries, NOW, and they were much flimsier than they ought to have been. Still good! It’ll take a lot for me to not like fries.


Heat up some oil in a shallow pot or pan

While it heats up, use a paper towel to dab the fries. Any excess starch you can get off, you should. Gently lower the fries in (you don’t want to splash any hot oil),

and let them cook until they’re squishy- when you can easily poke a fork through them, they’re squishy. Stir them occasionally so they don’t stick.

Remove them to a paper towel lined plate when they’re done.

In a separate skillet, throw in the truffle paste.

Stir it around, and then throw in the fries. Saute it (on medium heat) for barely 60 seconds- you just want to get the fries thoroughly coated in the paste.

Serve them right away, with whatever condiments you’d like! I’m partial to mayonnaise and ketchup, myself.

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