The Dodo

No, this is not a recipe intended for Dodo birds. This is not a recipe made out of the very last Dodo bird. Dodo birds are extinct. And it’s not because I stuffed the last one with Swiss chard and baked it. I didn’t, by the way. Now, what is this dodo that I’m babbling on about? Only the best coffee drink in the world.


1 cup very strong espresso
1 cup cold milk
1 tablespoon vanilla
3-4 ice cubes


When I first discovered espresso, I went through a whole box of it in a week. I was very hyper.
Spoon it into a cup,



boil some water,


and pour it over the coffee.

After it’s steeped to your preference, strain it out. Here’s the strained coffee:


Silky. Smooth. Prettyful.

Here are the dregs:


Not quite as silky, smooth, and prettyful.


In a separate glass, pour in some milk


Splash in some vanilla…


Then wonder who you’re kidding and pour in a lot more.


(I definitely don’t normally use this much vanilla, this was an accident)

Stir it up…


Take a big swig. This is delicious on it’s own, by the way. Tastes almost exactly like whipped cream, without any of the fat or sugar.

Next, add in half the espresso. I like to
If I’m tired and need to wake up, drink the remaining espresso on the side
2.) Save it for another Dodo in the evening.


You can’t really see it because of all the vanilla, but if you add a bit less than me, it should turn the Dodo a nice light brown.

Give it all a stir, put in 3 or 4 ice cubes, and gaze at it in wonder. This is all I need to make me happy. Well, for five minutes, or so. It’s more milk than coffee, but the vanilla gives it such a great flavor. It doesn’t need any sugar or whipped cream, but if I’m feeling ornery, I’ll throw in a teaspoon of cocoa powder and make a mocha dodo!

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  • BLESS THIS BEAUTY! if only I had this to get me through my exams! my insanity levels would have been considerably less.

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