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Southern Salmon Sheet Pan Supper

Southern Salmon Sheet Pan Supper

This comes together in less than 15 minutes, including baking time. I may have cheated and gotten the barbecue sauce out of the fridge, but everything else is 100% pried from the depths of the freezer! This is a complete (yummy!) meal, and stays good […]

JCD Part 3- Coleslaw

JCD Part 3- Coleslaw

With all the greasy goodness of the fried chicken, and the heavy (but oh so fluffy) biscuits, you need something cold, creamy, and crunchy to cut it. Something like coleslaw! It’s the easiest thing to make, and it’s much better than the store-bought stuff that […]

Steak and Barley Stew

Steak and Barley Stew

Usually, this is the sort of food I run screaming from. Making this is very, very uncharacteristic of me. It’s just so *gag* healthy. Don’t y’all worry, though. I’m posting a nice sugary recipe right after this. And with this stew, which is surprisingly good. I’m not just saying that! You won’t even know it’s good for you. Promise.



3 oz steak (not shown)

2 turnips

3 oz dandelion greens (feel free to substitute turnip greens or kale)

1 red onion

29 oz chicken broth

3 oz tomato paste

2 tablespoons dill seed

2 tablespoons marjoram

1 tablespoon celery seed

1 tablespoon thyme

8 oz barley


Start with the spice mix for the stew. Mix up the dill seed, marjoram, celery seed, and thyme. The nice thing about this is that you can just chuck it in wherever flavor is needed, rather than have to measure out spices every five seconds. You have better things to do with your time, like go to protests.

This is the steak I’m using today. Ain’t it purty? I love steak. It gives such a nice flavor to stew. Of course, you could always use stew meat, but I don’t like labels like that. Any meat you put in stew becomes stew meat. All meat matters.

Sprinkle a bit of the stew spice mix on each side, along with some salt and pepper.

Now pour a bit of oil into a nice hot skillet or grill pan, and throw in the steak in. You really want the pan to be hot, you’re just searing it.

2 minutes later, flip it. 2 minutes later, it’ll look something like this! It’s okay for it to be this rare, because it’s going to be cooked some more in the soup. Now let it rest for a few minutes (don’t cut it, but turn the heat off), while you get started on the rest.

Behead the turnips,

then peel them. I actually really love the smell of turnips. It’s so… Turnippy.

Cut them into large chunks.

You could substitute potatoes, but turnips were made for stews, I believe. Now heat up some oil in a Dutch Oven or other heavy pot,

and throw in the turnips

with some more stew seasoning.

Now grab the dandelion greens! I made pesto with this a few months back. But it’s really good in stew! Stew is such a freaky  word. I originally wanted to call this stewp (stew/soup), but that was a little weird, even for me.

Kefir Salmon With Spinach Salad

Kefir Salmon With Spinach Salad

So, on Friday, my mom and I ordered pizza. Then Chinese takeout. Then some BBQ chips. By Monday, neither of us could move. We needed something healthy! So we went to Costco, and got a big, beautiful filet of salmon, and a nice big bag […]