Pineapple Salsa

Pineapple Salsa

Once upon a time, I tried to make pico de gallo. But then I had no tomatillos. And my tomatoes were suspiciously squishy. And the night before, I had hacked up a pineapple as a coping mechanism. A word of advice to all aspiring bloggers- do everything yourself. Don’t even think about hiring a developer. It’ll turn all your hair gray, and possibly lead to some homicidal tendencies. Do it yourself, folks. Anyways! This salsa was a result of squishy tomatoes and a full crisper of vegetables- and it’s one of the better salsas I’ve ever made!




1 cup pineapple chunks

4 green onions

1 jalapeno

1 onion

1/2 lime

2 oz cilantro

Start by peeling and dicing the onion. Have a good, cleansing cry. It’s not good to keep these things bottled inside. Let it out.

Once you’re through with that, cut up the pineapple! I just used two knives and hacked it all up. I’m not allowed to sue people yet, so I take it out on food.

Throw the onion and pineapple into a bowl,

and then chop the green onion. Green onions are my favorite way to quickly spruce up a dish! They just add such a nice pop of color and freshness.

Toss the green onion in with the rest,

and do the same with the cilantro.

Now it’s time for the jalapeño. Go get some latex gloves! I forgot this time, but I washed my hands before I touched my eyes. You don’t realize how much you run your eyes until you have jalapeño on your hands. Slice it, seed or, and dice it.

Chuck it in,

then cut and squeeze in the lime! You’ll only need to use half- I used the whole thing, and it was so, so, SO sour. I like sour things, but this was pushing it.

Now add some salt,

mix it, and you’re done! 

Serve it with tortilla chips, and watch it disappear.

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