Lamb Kebabs- Iran

Lamb Kebabs- Iran

At any restaurant, if there are lamb kebabs on the menu, I will order that. I don’t care if there’s pasta. I don’t care if there’s kale caesar salad. I don’t care if there’s mac and cheese (technically, that’s a type of pasta, but I refuse to classify it as such). I want the kebabs. Usually, when I make a recipe from a country, I spend time researching, and try not to go for the most obvious option. But for Iran, I knew I had to make lamb kebabs. You don’t need a fancy cut of lamb, or to spend hours roasting this on a grill- just some lamb chunks and a frying pan!




1 lb lamb

1 tomato

1 head of garlic

1 onion

2 inch piece of ginger (or 2 one inch pieces, 4 half inch pieces, etc, etc)

2 teaspoons cumin

2 teaspoons coriander

1 teaspoon turmeric

1 teaspoon peppercorns

1 teaspoon dried parsley, because it felt right

That picture is so grainy. I struggle with grainy pictures a lot, because I mostly cook in that awkward time in the evening where it’s not quite sunset, so I don’t have that beautiful golden light, and it’s not quite daytime, but it’s just kind of dark, but not dark enough to turn on the light. I know it, and I continue to do it. Honestly, the president should just say that when people accuse him of treason. Save us all a lot of time.


Start by slicing up the onion, tomato, and ginger. I left the garlic cloves whole. I always cook with at least three out of four of these.

Sizzle the spices in some oil on high heat while you get chopping. Keep an eye on the spices- if they start to smoke, turn the heat off, remove them from the stove, and give them a long lecture on the dangers of lung cancer and peer pressure.

Throw the vegetables in (are garlic, ginger, and onion vegetables? I know tomatoes are fruit, so there’s a large possibility none of these are vegetables), and stir them around just to get some color on them.

Throw in the cubed lamb. Not shown: I hacked the lamb off the bone, because all I could find was bone-in lamb.

Flip it once it’s seared- the meat was so thin, I really just needed to sear it on both sides for it to be cooked medium.

Add some salt to everything (always taste it to make sure it’s enough!), and then grab some sticks and get skewering. Serve it with saffron rice, chelow, salad, or by itself.

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