Jollof Rice- Gambia

Jollof Rice- Gambia

Okay, I’m going to make this quick. I’ve got about a hundred more countries to do, statistics lectures to catch up on, seven poems waiting to be analyzed, equations to be factored, two dogs that want to play fetch, and a partridge in a pear tree. Wait. Too early for that! Try telling Costco that. They’ve had Christmas trees up since August. Why is the mainstream media not more outraged about this? See, this is why I never have any time. I spend too much time thinking about stuff I have no control over, like Costco’s schedule and the International Monetary Fund. Someday, someday. Anyways! This is such a quick little recipe, you won’t have to take anything out of your to-do list to make it!




¾ cup rice

¾ cup chicken broth (feel free to sub in veggie broth!)

1 cup crushed tomatoes

1 tablespoon curry powder

1 bouillon cube

.20 oz thyme


You only need one pot for this- or two, if you forget all about it and find it burning halfway and panic and scrape out everything that isn’t burnt into a new pot so it can finish cooking. Just a hypothetical scenario. Start by pouring in a bit of oil,

and then throwing in the curry powder

and bouillon cube. 

This step is totally optional- you can add these in with everything else, but I like the toasty flavor you get from this. Not that it tastes like toast. Nothing tastes like toast. It would be really unnerving if something that wasn’t toast tasted like toast.

Now pour in the rice,

and stir it around. I like to watch it change color. I need to get my kicks somehow.

Pour in the broth and tomatoes,

and then stir it around

and add in some thyme and salt. I’m proud to announce that I wrote this line with no typos, without looking at the screen, because I was having a staring contest with my dog. Remember what I said about getting my kicks somehow? Yeah.

Now cook it like you cook rice- everyone has their own method. I like to bring it to a boil,

and then cover it partially and let it cook. This ain’t no advertisement for Apple. I think Samsung and Google advertise for Apple just by making phones. Again- ain’t no paid advertisement! Just common sense, folks.

Once it’s done cooking, you’re all ready to get back to your to do list! I’m checking one off my list by posting this.

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