Creamy Bok Choy Soup


Want to impress someone (this can include yourself) in a hurry? Make this soup. It sounds fancy, looks great, tastes delicious, and takes 3 ingredients and 10 minutes. My kind of dish! Now, I know how fond adults are of saying “You’re young! How can you be so tired!”. Well, you see, I study all day, play with my dog, run up and down the stairs a lot (reasons unspecified), follow my mom around jabbering all day, and have to spend at least an hour each day reading the news and spluttering with anger. Good word, spluttering. You know what else is a good word? Impeachment. Talking to you, Congress. Anyways. After all that spluttering and studying, I’m tired, and I want something healthy to compensate for all the cookies I ate when I was angry. Chips Ahoy can be very soothing after a long hour reading about the spineless nitwits sycophantically pandering to the embarrassment in chief. This ain’t no paid advertisement, but I’d definitely recommend cookies as an anger snack. What was I talking about? I had a point, I just know it. Right! This soup. Make it. It’s yummy.




2 cups yogurt

5 baby bok choys

1 teaspoon harissa

1 tablespoon brown sugar (not shown)

½ cup water

Yeah. That’s it. Start by washing and slicing up the bok choy.

I’d recommend slicing it as thinly as you can! Throw it into a pot, and saute it.

Don’t cook all the life out of it, just wilt it a little bit. Then turn the heat down (way, way down) and pour the yogurt on top.

Stir it around, then throw in the brown sugar on an impulse. You need it to balance out the sour yogurt and spicy harissa!

Add the water, also on an impulse, to thin out the soup a bit. Now throw in the harissa, some salt, and pepper.

Stir it around, let it warm a bit,

and then remove it from the heat. Serve it hot or cold!

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