Cilantro-Garlic Omelettes

Cilantro-Garlic Omelettes

These omelettes are beautiful. No other way to put it. Cilantro and garlic really go well together, with cilantro’s mild, clean flavor, and garlic’s more pushy one. I could keep waxing rhapsodic, but I’m hungry and I think it’s high time we get around to making them.




3 eggs

¼ cup half and half

3 cloves garlic

1 bunch cilantro

¼ stick butter



Start by finely mincing the garlic-


like to hold the knife and SLAM IT DOWN.



Sorry. Mincing garlic is probably the most exciting event in my day. Except for when I go to the farmer’s market. Then wigging out over Swiss chard and fennel and turnips is the most exciting event in my day. Once the garlic is nice and fine,


chop up the cilantro til it’s just as fine.


Crack in three eggs,


pour in the half and half,


and beat it to heck.





That’s really what makes these so good. I suppose you could do it in a blender if you’re short on time, but the heat produced would change the texture a little bit. Add in the cilantro,


garlic, and beat it some more.


Now heat up a pan (get it really, really, really hot). This next bit requires a bit of speed- take a stick of butter and rub the pan with it- otherwise the omelettes will stick and that would be a tragedy of epic proportions. Take a ¼ cup measure,


and immediately after buttering the pan, pour it in.


Forgive me if this makes no sense- to prevent the omelette from spreading, take the measuring cup and scrape the spreading bits back on top.


This is why the hot pan is important, so it sears quickly and stays in place.


After it sits for about 30 seconds, flip it.


I let mine sit a little longer, we like our omelettes well done around here. 30 seconds later, throw it on a plate, let it cool for five seconds unless you’re my mother and seem to be immune to burning your mouth or hands, and give it a taste! Try these , as an amuse bouche to distract your family because the LAMB JUST WOULDN’T COOK AND WAS SUPPOSED TO BE READY 10 MINUTES AGO- am I projecting? I think I’m projecting. Oops. Anyhows, enjoy these! They make for a great addition to any meal.


Heres the printable recipe, with ingredients and instructions: Cilantro Garlic Omelettes

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