Christmas Tea Extras

Here are quick recipes, photos, and monologues for all the stuff I didn’t take complete pictures of.


Here’s the whipped cream- I was going to make clotted cream, but the thought of leaving a dish of heavy cream in the oven overnight made me nervous. Still tasted good with scones!

Speaking of scones, I made this raspberry sauce to go with them. It’s literally just raspberries, and a little bit of water. I’d say about a tablespoon! You can add some sugar, if you like things sweet.

The last- and arguably most important thing- was the sandwiches. You can’t have high tea without sandwiches! You need them to cut all the sweetness. I used brioche buns, and made, respectively, pear and ricotta, roast beef and mustard, and radish egg salad. It was good.

P.S- My sister made merengues!

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