Chicken Verde Tacos

Chicken Verde Tacos

This is the first recipe of chicken week! Let’s start with a picture of this beauty.


Rubbed with oil, sage, rosemary, and thyme, and stuffed with lemon and rosemary, this is a good chicken. Not to toot my own horn or anything. All the recipes this week are going to be a bit different from my usual ones in that they’re exceedingly simple- usually I like super complicated recipes. This week is about (delicious) convenience, though!




1 cooked chicken breast, shredded

¼ cup salsa verde

2 tbsps sour cream

3 corn tortillas


¼ cup frozen corn

½ lemon (optional)

⅓ cup Crema Mexicana (optional)

Cilantro (optional)


Start by heating up the chicken in a skillet,


throw in the corn too.


Stir it around, you just want the corn to defrost a bit. Once it’s nice and hot, pour in the salsa verde and stir it again so the chicken and corn get completely coated.


Let the salsa reduce some, while you heat up the tortillas. I microwaved them, but in hindsight I should’ve used a skillet. Spread them with a bit of sour cream,


and then lay the chicken, chives and corn on them.


Drizzle in a bit of crema, if you like,


and fold them over.


I like to serve them with lemon slices and cilantro, which makes for a nice pop of color and freshness. The perfect quick summer dish!


Here’s the printable recipe, with ingredients and instructions: Chicken Verde Tacos

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