Berry Sandwich Smoothie

Berry Sandwich Smoothie

I like recipes that make you think. Or mildly alarm you. Now see, when I cleaned out the freezer, which started this whole shebang, I made a shelf in the door just for ice cream sandwiches. And I was planning to make this smoothie with frozen yogurt, to keep up some pretense of health (if the president can have pretend he won the election fairly, I can pretend this is healthy), but when I went to open the freezer, the ice cream sandwiches, they spoke to me. And I knew what I had to do. You’ll know, too (If this whole food blogger thing doesn’t work out, I can always write a horror movie about talking food).



8 oz mixed frozen berries

2 ice cream sandwiches

⅔ cup milk

Start by throwing the berries into a blender, and then spending 10 minutes trying to puree them.

Then see sense, and pour the milk in. Things should move along a lot quicker then. You don’t have to use mixed berries for this, by the way- use any kind of berry that strikes your fancy. A lingonberry smoothie would be good.

Once the berries are pureed,

, unwrap the ice cream sandwiches, and slice the cookies off. You could, of course, just peel the cookies off, but that wouldn’t be as much fun as using a fish knife to “fillet” the ice cream sandwiches.

Throw the ice cream in, one at a time, and blend it until it’s nice and creamy.

Serve it with a cookie on top!

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