Applesauce Mac and Cheese


Yeah, you read that right. How does applesauce mac and cheese not taste disgusting? With the help of cayenne and pesto. Apples and cheese are a classic combo, and a spicy, herby pasta is the perfect place to show that. Feel free to use whatever kind of pasta you have on hand- I was plumb out of macaroni so I use small shells!




3 oz dried, uncooked pasta

2 oz cheddar

1 ⅓ cups milk

1 tablespoon butter

2 tablespoons flour

½ cup applesauce

2 teaspoons cayenne pepper (not shown)

⅓ cup pesto (not shown)

Start by boiling some pasta. The smell of pasta is extremely soothing to me. Carbs are one of my main hobbies. While the magical carbs cook,

make a roux, which sounds fancy and complicated, but is literally just melted butter and flour. So melt the butter,

nd whisk in the flour.

The roux may be just a touch dry,

so pour in some oil.


Once it’s the right consistency, and looked all nice and toasty brown,

turn the heat down and pour in the milk.

Now would be a good time to grate the cheese/make someone else grate it because you forgot and have to stir the sauce. Speaking of which, stir the sauce! If you don’t, the milk will curdle, and burn, and then you’ll have a very messy pot on your hands. Ever try to scrub scalded milk off a pot? You don’t want to. So, stir the sauce!

Once it’s thickened a bit, throw in the applesauce.

. Mix it in, it’ll turn a pretty light brown color.

Now throw in the cheese,

and it’ll turn orange! That color now has very negative connotations, but in cheese, it’s still okay. In cheese, everything is okay. Except maggots. I don’t like maggots. Maggots are bad. It’s a bigly shame there’s an orange maggot running things right now.

Now all you need is some salt and cayenne!

Oh, and now would be a good time to panic that the cinnamon from the applesauce is too overwhelming, so throw in some pesto for good measure. Then taste it and realize it turned out pretty dang good!

So drain the pasta, and then mix that in as well.

Serve it in a big ol’ bowl, and enjoy the horrified expression on the faces of anyone who you tell that you’re eating applesauce mac and cheese. Was that last sentence gramatically correct? I’m going to say it was.


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